Transport for NSW Mobile Rego Inspections


Thank you for contacting us. In business hours we try to reply in 10 minutes. Or by 7.45am the next business day if sent after hours.

1. You stay in control! You don’t lose your vehicle and have a mechanic tell you that you need $1,000 of repairs to get your car back

2. We come to you so you don’t spend your precious time in traffic dropping off, waiting and then picking up your vehicle again.

3. If you do need any repairs you can shop around for the best price on them and not held ransom by a workshop who has your vehicle

4. A proper inspection takes 30 minutes so if your mechanic charges $150 per hour for labour but only gets to charge $46 for a 30 minute inspection they ARE going to try to find other repairs to make that money back. We don’t do this.

5. We do 1,000 inspections a month and are the number #1 mobile Pink Slip company in NSW