Transport for NSW Mobile Rego Inspections


Thank you for contacting us. In business hours we try to reply in 10 minutes. Or by 7.45am the next business day if sent after hours.

TfNSW Mobile Pink Slips – Mobile rego checks

As you may be aware the TfNSW, which stands for Transport for NSW, has been conducting a six month trial for mobile pink slips or as they otherwise known Mobile Rego checks.

The way this works is you can now have an authorized inspection station who will come to you on-site and inspect your vehicle.  So you no longer have to go and leave your vehicle at a workshop for the day and then get a horrible phone call saying you need another thousand dollars worth of work before you can come collect the vehicle and feel like you’ve been held at ransom.

We come to you, we do it on-site, you don’t lose your vehicle, the inspection takes under forty minutes and if it passes you get the pink slip on the spot. Any small repairs that are needed we give you a quote for them, you can then choose to use us for the repairs or you can get it done anywhere you see fit.

Before you book us, some things to look at for yourself:-

  • Are all your blinkers and lights working?   Nice simple one for you to check. 
  • Is your horn working? 
  • Do all your seatbelts retract properly? 
  • Do your windows work? 
  • Is your car leaving any oil on the road when it’s parked in the night time? 
  • Look at your tyres; are there any bald spots?  You need at least one point five millimetre of tread left.  If you can see that you have got a bald spot you are going to need tyres; a tyre or four more.

Then there’s some other stuff that we check as well, but that’s a bit more technical; like some of the suspension components are functioning. We also check the brakes decelerate at an appropriate level.

So you can’t actually check some of what we do, but that’s part of what we do in our service.  If you would like a mobile pink slip inspection, just send us an inquiry and then we will you get booked in before lunchtime; typically we can do it the same day.  If it’s after lunchtime it will often go over to the next day.