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Just like the human body, a vehicle’s engine requires oxygen to allow it to operate. This air needs to be cleaned before entering the engine, to stop debris, dust, and pollen from causing damage to the sensitive internals.

While air filters and cabin air filters are similar in that they both purify the air, their purposes are slightly different. Regular air filters clean the air that’s flowing to your engine, while cabin air filters decontaminate air that’s coming into your cockpit. Both types of air filters are essential for a fully functioning vehicle.

Whether you’re ready to swap out that engine-choking OEM air filter or want to learn more about your air filter vs. cabin filter, Pink Slip Today is here to help.

Air Filters

Aftermarket air filters—also known as internal combustion air filters—are designed to clean the air flowing to your engine. These quality filters are the primary line of defense to stop contaminants from damaging your engine. Not only do air filters prevent engine inefficiency by maintaining air quality, but they also increase your gas mileage, horsepower and torque. Purified air ignites quicker and more efficiently inside the engine’s cylinders, resulting in boosted MPGs and improved engine performance. Plus, high-quality air filters increase your engine’s life expectancy and guarantee a better driving experience overall.

Cabin Air Filters

Attached to the outside air intake of your ride’s ventilation system, the cabin air filter is a high particulate filtration medium that filters the air that comes into your cockpit. Also called air conditioning filters, cabin air filters filter out pollution from the outside air that would otherwise contaminate your cabin and help improve the air quality inside your ride – so long allergies!

Cabin Air Filter vs. Air Filter


The air filter is located in the engine bay under the hood inside a sealed box and is one of the fundamental components of the engine. The life expectancy of the engine depends on the quality of the air that enters the engine and if the air is dirty, it adversely affects the performance of the vehicle. Cabin air filters, on the other hand, are typically located behind the glove compartment, under the dash, and under the hood, while some vehicles have the air filter installed inside the HVAC case between the blower motor and evaporator core.


The main purpose of air filters is to clean the air and prevent the impurities within the air, which is used by the engine during combustion. Air filters block the larger particles from getting inside the engine intake and allow only pure air in, in order to keep the vehicle operating in top condition. The purpose of cabin air filters is to block dirt, pollen, bugs, and other contaminants from entering a vehicle through its heating, air conditioning, and defrost systems. So, air filters prevent dirty air from getting into the engine, while cabin air filters block dirty air from getting inside the cabin.


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