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eSafety checklist

There are a few things you can check, basic safety requirements before getting your eSafety pink slip check to save time by getting them fixed before taking them to your local mechanic.

Pink Slip Checklist:

1. Tyres condition – All four tyres are to have at least 1.5mm tread depth remaining in them. As long as your tyres are not in bad quality that would cause them to burst or puncture immediately, you should be good to go. Any exposed canvas will also need to be fixed.

2. Oil leaks – Check for any visual leaks, including oil or radiator leaks, and exhaust system leaks. A simple degrease from top to bottom will keep things neat and tidy.          Exhaust System Functioning: Make sure that your exhaust system is working properly and there is nothing bad coming out of it. Care for the environment is care for people.

3. Seatbelts – Must lock and must retract. When checking your seatbelts, check the anchor points, retractor, seatbelt lock, and look for any wearing or fraying.

4. Lights – All lights, including headlights, indicators, fog lights, brake lights, and reverse lights are to be in complete working order. They should not be dim enough to make you or the other person not notice anything.

5. Wipers – Is water easily removed with the wipers? Is there any damage to either wiper? Is there water squirting onto your windscreen?

6.Doors – All doors are to be working in every aspect from operating door controls, ability to open and close securely from the inside and outside, and ability to lock and unlock.

7. Vehicle Body – A car that contains rust may cause bigger issues, and not pass. You can see if the car has any substantial rust by looking for signs of breaks in the surface or bubbles in the paint.

If you go through our checklist, you should be good to go.

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